Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex – Natural treatment for Honey

This has become one of the most viewed posts on our website. This amazing healing for Honey and many other Cats with the same condition have been achieved through our healing plan process. To read more about this process click here.

I cannot thank Cathy enough for her healing miracle. We have a beautiful Ragdoll cat called Honey who had an allergy to Storage Mites and as a result, suffered from terrible Feline Dermatitis on her tummy and legs for two years.

At one point she licked all her fur off except for a saddle down her back where she couldn’t reach and she was in constant discomfort. She lost her personality because she was so preoccupied licking and scratching all the time. The illness got so bad that it morphed into a worse condition called Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex. She was a mess. The only treatment available to her from the Vet was frequent ongoing injections of Cortisone.Her future was looking very bleak with the prospect of horrible consequences caused by the accumulative effect of long term Cortisone use.

Thank goodness I found Cathy when I was searching the internet one day and decided it was worth trying. Cathy assessed her condition and found she was only functioning at 56% of her potential, no wonder she was so unwell. She prescribed 5 Healing Plans for Honey and by the time she had finished the Second Plan the rash was gone and has never appeared since. We are now doing the Fourth Plan and she just keeps getting better and better even through the humidity of Summer which was always the worst time. She even has more personality, she is more interactive with us and asserts herself more with our other pets. “Heal with Ease” is the perfect name for the way in which the healing occurs, there are no horrible side effects, no intrusions to the body, the healing just happens so smoothly and with “Ease’’. I look at Honey’s pink tummy all the time and marvel in amazement at the result. Cathy has a very special gift and I am so grateful I found her.

Tracie Lee, Sydney, NSW.

 Before Treatment
 After Treatment

Update to Honey’s Treatment of Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex.

It’s now February 2016. In February 2015, about a month after the original testimonial was written, Honey became seriously ill. At first, we thought she had a dose of cat flu or something but she deteriorated so quickly over the next few days that we had to rush her to the Emergency Veterinary Hospital. They immediately put her on a drip and ordered a whole series of blood and urine tests.

In the meantime, I contacted Eric & Cathy and asked them for help and they started doing emergency healing plans for Honey while she was in the hospital to try and help her survive. After some hours in the Emergency the Vet diagnosed Acute Renal Failure and told us she was so sick they couldn’t promise she would even survive to go home. Her Creatinine and Urea levels were so high that if she did go home she would probably only live a couple of months. Heal with Ease continued to work so hard on Honey the whole time she was in the hospital and each day her blood and urine test results came back better and better and the vets were so surprised. By the time she came home 10 days later her future prognosis had improved from only surviving a couple of months to surviving a couple of years.

After that Eric & Cathy continued to do plans on Honey every couple of months and whenever I took her back for a check-up her results were still getting better. It’s now 12 months later and you wouldn’t believe she is the same cat. She has put on 2 kilo’s in weight and is sooo healthy and contented and her latest test results showed she is almost back to normal range and stable. She has so much fur all over her body, even on her tummy where she had the original Eosinophilic Granuloma rash referred to in the original testimonial. She looks like a cat that is going to live for a very long time thanks to the amazing work that Eric & Cathy does. I cannot put into words the gratitude I feel for everything she has done for Honey, the only reason she is alive today is because of Eric & Cathy and the miracles they perform on a daily basis.

Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Tracie Lee.

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