Healing Tess After an Emergency Surgery

My family has been using Heal with Ease for nearly 12 years and the results have been outstanding, to say the least.

The latest support they have provided me with was to support my bitch Tess in her recovery after an emergency c-section. I have the farm remedies on hand for emergencies and general health for my family and animals however in this case we needed more expertise.

I took Tess in after hours on a Tuesday night and things went from bad to worse and the vet said I had a 50/50 chance of her survival. They did an emergency c-section, and we were lucky she kept all her reproductive systems in place.

She stayed overnight and I brought her home the next day as I had already talked to Eric that morning and sent a photo through, so he had already begun work on her. The vet was not happy with my decision to bring her home, however, I trusted the distant healing plans and I knew I could treat Tess with my kit as Eric worked at a deeper level.

It is always amazing to see an animal or human improve with energy remedies in the quantum field. Tess is doing amazingly well and as I write this- 9 days later from lying lifeless on an operating table, she is back running around and wanting to come back mustering.

Thank you, Eric, and Cathy, for all you are.
Nancy D

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