Curing Multiple Dogs from Life Threatening Illnesses

Chilli is a 2-year-old kelpie who was surrendered to me by her owners. She had been living in a tiny suburban backyard since she was 3 months old. She was unable to see out of her backyard and was walked only occasionally. Chilli would run around her small yard doing laps all day long. When Chilli came to me she was very nervy and reactive to noise and people arriving at my house.

I contacted Cathy because a few weeks after I got her she developed a large mass on the side of her face. It was a weekend so called the Vet they drained the wound and said they couldn’t find anything to cause it, no foreign body etc. Several days later the swelling returned same size and density. I called the Vet and was told she would need to come back and have it drained again. So I thought no way and called Cathy. The swelling was gone completely in about 10 days with Cathy’s treatment. In addition to this Chilli has become a lot calmer and is much less reactive to noise and strangers.

Cathy has been treating my horses and dogs since January 2014. She treated my very ill thoroughbred named Sundare who had abscesses on her lungs after 3 months of antibiotics, there was no improvement and the Vets thought she would die. Sundare is now 22 years old. Then there is Annie the Collie Cross who had sepsis and nearly died. My son’s Dalmatian Zen with a bowel obstruction, and my mare Ella with a severe infection in her pedal bone.

I highly recommend Cathy and Eric they have been amazing and the improvement in all my animals is astounding.

Sally, Victoria

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