Recovery From Two Year Grass Seed Bacterial Infection

I am so pleased to have found out about Heal with Ease from a close neighbour/friend of ours who has been using the remedies and distant healing plans for a long time now. My journey to natural healing has only been short, however, I’ve always been drawn to natural and alternative ways throughout my life.

We use Heal with Ease on our livestock. We run approximately 500-700 head of cattle per year. The kit has shown some outstanding results. Our livestock have been treated now for about 10 months without any chemical drenches. Times have been tough with the dry, and the kit has really helped the livestock get through being in a state of health and well-being.

I have also been doing a healing plan for my Kelpie bitch who has suffered a grass seed bacterial infection. She has been fighting this now for 2 years. After two operations and endless antibiotics, she was not recovering. Cathy and Eric have been doing distant healing plans on Lizell, she is the best she has been! The infection has cleared and she is so well within herself and happy.

My dogs all get treated naturally now also with Heal with Ease. I do the all-wormer every full moon cycle. I recommend highly giving this a go with yourself, pets or livestock. We all want less chemicals in our lives and we all want to be happy and in a great state of well-being.

Emma Lawrence, Wallabadah NSW

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