Recurring UTIs and Reaction to Fleas Healed

I was referred by a dear friend who went to Catherine of Heal with Ease as her dogs had several major issues and had the most amazing success with Heal with Ease.

We have two gorgeous Guinea Piggies, Michael and Dwight who had not been well, for different reasons.

Michael had a dreadful reaction to fleas in our yard and Dwight had UTIs every 3 months or so, and whilst I had been able to deal with this as it occurred, the real issue wasn’t resolved permanently.

So I contacted Catherine, who responded immediately to my request and started treatment on the piggies within a day of reaching her. I was so relieved.

The remote healing, the emails and the conditions and explanations of what was happening, what the piggies were experiencing helped so so much.

Both babies are now happy and well, with no signs of sickness or scratching. Both have put on the weight they lost and for months now they have been popcorning around their home again and back to happy little boys.

Thank you to Catherine, you are amazing xxx

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