Healing for Janiene and Dear Little Raffy

I recently contacted Cathy from Heal with Ease.

I had previously been buying remedies & creams from Cathy & Eric for some years & I was quite aware of the wonderful miraculous healing that they both do.

My dear little dog Raffy (a 2-year-old poodle) had fallen quite unwell & because I am not a fan of Vets or the medical system I reached out to Cathy & Eric as I knew that they would be able to get to the bottom of Raffy’s ailments.

A healing plan was implemented & so the load in Raffy’s little body began to be cleared.

At the same time, I hadn’t been feeling very well either. I had had a fall a few weeks earlier which had knocked the wind out of my sails & at 73 years of age I was finding it hard to get back to my normal healthy self. My body felt like a wilting flower. My energy had gone & my partner was very concerned about me.

He suggested that I could have a healing plan just like Raffy. I again reached out to Cathy ( a plan was implemented) & Raffy & I was now travelling down a similar path.

As the weeks progressed I could feel my energy lifting & Raffy was improving greatly. It felt like we were both in the hands of a much greater higher source.

Cathy always stayed in touch as each plan was carried out & gave a clear account of all the loads that were being cleared & also all the homeopathic remedies & tonics that were used to bring us back to optimum health. I could not have asked for better treatment.

Myself & Raffy are now feeling great again & I will always remain so thankful that I was led to this type of healing which is not invasive & very very natural. A very big “ Thank You” to Cathy & Eric” I would thoroughly recommend “ Heal with Ease” as a wonderful natural alternative for “dis-ease” within the human body.

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