The New and Improved Bob

Our dog Bob was adopted by my husband while we were apart due to work and school at one year from a rescue directly following his neuter procedure. When first home he was very sweet. He went through 2 times of feeling rejected due to his person leaving him for business trips.

After the second trip, his person returned with our daughter and me and another dog! Oh my!

Adjustment reactions galore! I turned to Cathy and got advice on rehoming remedy. It helped but Bob became so grouchy and didn’t like me or our child. He did become better with other dog.

After several months he started being sick. Digestion issues whenever fed. Tried new food different treats and no luck. Finally so sick would not eat rushed to emergency vet. No real answer but told it was constipation.

We then followed up with the local vet. It was said it maybe this or that and nothing worked! Meanwhile, our 10-pound dog lost a couple of pounds and was too skinny and sickly.

I spoke to my husband and we decided to contract with Cathy or lose the dog altogether.

Cathy tested and none of the possible issues posed by veterinary medicine was found. We began to see glimpses of the “real” Bob.

Finally, we have a wonderful and Big personality Bob who now sits happily with the ones he used to hate.

NONE of this would be true without the blessings of our friends at Heal with Ease.

With love and gratitude, we present the new and improved Bob!

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