Supporting Charlie’s Recovery from Tumour

It was in July 2018 that Elena contacted us about her beautiful Corgi Charlie. Elena and Charlie live in California, USA. All the healing was done distantly – Australia to the US.

“My beloved corgi, Charlie, was diagnosed with cancer about 1 year ago. He had a tumor removed but we made the decision not to proceed with any type of cancer treatment. Charlie was doing great for about 8 months after the tumor removal when we suddenly noticed a rapid decline in his health. Charlie was having difficulty walking, and no longer wanted to play his favorite daily game of Frisbee. He seemed to have no energy. In addition to that, we noticed that he was starting to itch and bite at his skin, causing lesions and scabs all over. Our groomers felt that the itching was due to the cancer now spreading internally. Our family was preparing mentally and physically to say goodbye to Charlie.

A dear friend of mine heard about Charlie’s decline and shared info about Heal with Ease’s natural healing plans. We were more than willing to try anything to restore his energy and provide some comfort to him. Charlie completed a series of 6 long-distance healing plans through Heal with Ease and the change in him was remarkable. We now have a dog that is full of energy, running and playing Frisbee daily again, and enjoying life. We are eternally grateful to the Heal with Ease team for providing this support to Charlie. Their treatment is truly miraculous!”
Elena 🙂

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