Saving Suki from Chemical Poisoning

This testimonial comes from Sue Sharpe on the Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia.

At the same time Sue’s Birman cat Suki was sick, our ragdoll Cleopatra was going through very similar symptoms. We don’t spot-on flea treat any of our dogs or Cleo but about the time she got sick the Council sprayed the side of the road in front of our property. Above is a photo of Suki (on the left) and her friend Lynx.

Sue writes:

I have used the remedies & individual plans from Cathy & Eric’s ‘Heal With Ease’ for several years for ourselves, my horses, dogs & cats. Several months ago my 5yo Birman cat ‘Suki’ became very ill to the point of nearly dying from chemical toxin poisoning from a well known brand of spot-on flea control & the local vet did tests after tests & tried this & that but nothing was working & she was getting worse very quickly & the vet didn’t hold out much hope for a recovery. It has taken 3 plans, time, patience & persistence to bring Suki back to full health again. It was touch & go a couple of times, but we stuck with the plans as we have great faith in them & the individual support we received from Cathy & Eric helped us get through some very down times. It is now 4 weeks since finishing the 3rd plan & our beautiful Suki is going ahead in leaps & bounds thanks to them.

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