Treatment for Dogs Having Seizures

At the start of May 2017, Carla contacted us regarding her dog George who was having seizures. Her investigations into the family history she found that seizures were common amongst George’s breeding. Being a farm dog and coming from farm parents there was a lot of chemical exposure in George – genetically and accumulated that was causing these seizures.

We have done 4 healing plans for George to the point of writing this page and he hasn’t had another seizure since the end of the first plan.

Carla sent me this today (13 September 2017):
Hi Cathy, just letting you know George is going fantastically. Better than I ever imagined. He is taking to training very well. In the last 2 weeks, I have worked him on a trainer mob of sheep for only 5 mins a day. He’s gone from complete disinterest to fully into it (a bit much, a bit of crazy behaviour), to some very thoughtful good work.

I’m impressed with his quick progression. He’s happy (lots of tail wags) he’s getting up in the ute and on the bike. He’s excited to go down the shearing shed to get a go round the sheep. He’s excited to be alive and his personality is shining through.

I have seen video footage of one of his siblings having a fit which is exactly the same as George used to have. I mean I’m not sure if you would call it a fit, they just lose the use of their back legs and drag themselves around for a while until they just have to sit down. Then they seem quite stunned, have the shakes and out of it for 10 or 15 minutes until they seem to come good and then get up like nothing has happened. That’s what was happening to George. I have not seen that in George since his first healing plan. He has grown into a beautiful big healthy dog. Very happy.
Thank you. Carla Eschenberg

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