Natural Healing for Tick Poisoning

Here is Palouse’s story about how she recovered from tick poisoning using Heal with Ease Energy remedies and a healing plan:

Noticing how quiet our little Chinese Crested dog had been one afternoon, we administered the Sudden Illness Remedy before giving her a bath; with which exposed a small bloated tick just above her eyelid. We panicked and immediately put tea tree oil on the tick (for removal), but then realised the HWE remedies may not work as well after using tea tree, so just in case we immediately orally administered sodium ascorbate (for the first 24hrs) in conjunction with the remedies we had on hand. Although confident HWE users, this was our first experience with suspected paralysis and the whole scary process of how sick our little dog was to become ( vomiting, throat paralysis – lost her voice, gagging, unable to eat or drink and therefore lethargy), after 48hrs we felt the need to get a vet’s diagnosis to see exactly where she was at and a confirmation of Tick Paralysis. He recommended immediate hospitalization to save her, though he was quietly surprised that she was on her feet and walking around (all 2.5kg of her!) after this amount of time but still made us feel like we were sentencing her to death by not taking his recommendations – opting to use HWE remedies instead.

Like many, Palouse is a very emotionally attached dog to her owners and we felt she wouldn’t have emotionally coped well in a vet hospital and already had faith in HWE remedies and Cathy’s support in dozens of situations and have never let us down (they still continue to amaze us). Because of Palouse’s state of health at the time, she had attracted half a dozen fleas to her sickly body, and to our shock and horror, the vet in the scheme of things wanted to overload her system with even more that day (chemical flea treatment)!! As we only went for diagnostic confirmation and state of health, we declined hospitalization and flea treatment.

Hence we relied heavily on Cathy and Heal With Ease, during the whole ordeal Cathy never wavered in her support and guidance with the remedies from start to finish.

Palouse slowly progressed as her vomiting and gagging lessened towards the end of the week. At this point, we offered her a little egg and goats milk/ wheat-bix to which she still wasn’t ready. It was 24hrs later (day eight) she stole the cat’s raw chicken wing (Palouse’s favourite food) and placed it at the floor of her human Mum’s feet to show us “I’m all good” and was she proud!!

Cathy suggested a HWE healing plan for Palouse for ultimate recovery after such a serious illness. She regained her pre-illness weight surprisingly quickly just on her regular diet.

We have since heard stories of Paralysis tick cases that were treated with full veterinary care, how expensive with no guarantee and still a long home recovery (if they come home). Not to mention overloaded with chemicals. Looking back on our experience, we feel we gave our little dog the healthiest and happiest outcome with a now stronger immunity to boot.

Lastly, we would like to thank Cathy again for her amazing support and don’t know how she does it! She was baking cakes with her children whilst guiding on the phone hows that! God knows how many others she was helping on those days.

Kindest Regards
Hayley Wardrop
Cert. III Natural Equine Hoof Care (barefoot trimmer)
& Palouse’s Family

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