Kathy Helps her Family Naturally

I had some amazing results with my 9-year-old shit-zhu dog Honey who had blepharitis and eye ulcers, I had taken her to the vet to have her eyes looked at because it looked to me as though she couldn’t see. The vet gave me cream to put into her eyes and by the time I came home from work in the afternoon they were swollen, red and very painful for her – the vet had misdiagnosed her ailment and given her medication that was incorrect for her which made her eyes much worse rather than better. I immediately rang Cathy for help and we put Honey onto a healing plan to help her heal, it took a little bit but Honey is now just finishing her plans and is happy, healthy and running around like a 2-year-old.

I am also on my healing plans and am feeling absolutely wonderful and can’t thank Cathy and Eric enough as without HEAL WITH EASE I don’t think any of this would have been possible. I have purchased a Beginners Kit and several other treatments and plan to add to my kits as soon as I can.

I am grateful to Cathy and Eric for being there for me and sharing their knowledge that they have gained through the years. Nothing has ever been too much trouble and with the compassion, patience and understanding of a saint, Cathy has guided my family and me to excellent health. I am eternally grateful.

Thankyou to you both. XXXX
Kathy – Ipswich

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