Improving a Cats Day, One Healing Plan at a Time

Many years ago, the Heal with Ease Facebook page came up in my feed and I remember thinking that it looked interesting and bookmarking the page “just in case”.

Only a few months later I had an almost 12-month-old cat develop FIP. Back then, it was a death sentence, and I contacted Cathy to see if she was able to help. That same cat is now 8 years old and fat and healthy. My vet calls it a miracle and I look at him every day and am so thankful I found Cathy and Heal with Ease.

Recently I have had reason to call on Cathy’s help again when another older cat I have developed a chronic infection of the liver and bile ducts. I really didn’t think he would survive, but he is now improving more each day. I am so grateful to Cathy and Eric for their healing plans and for being able to help me so quickly when I have called on them.

Kind regards,

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