Help for Max

We first contacted Cathy and Eric several years ago when we were at a loss as to what to do with our new puppy, who was losing hair and weight without apparent cause. I guess everything happens for a very good reason, because over time we have continued to use the healing plans on both our dogs, our family and our stud cattle successfully each and every time.

The distance plans in particular often show results within hours, something we once found a bit mysterious but now consider to be marvellous, due to the obvious results – proven particularly by our animals, who are completely unaware of the healing plan process.

Our most recent experience with a distance healing plan proved yet again the value of Cathy and Eric’s work.

Our young shihtzu male, who is a very much loved member of the family, awoke at 1am in the morning with a slight limp and as he tripped around the yard to relieve himself, couldn’t move as well as he normally would. At 5am, he was awake and cleaning himself a lot – to our dismay we found his little male part was swollen and unable to retract into the sheath. He continued on a downhill slide throughout the morning, barely walking/moving and finding his situation extremely uncomfortable, having grown more swollen and blistered. After checking him over carefully for a tick about 3 times and much discussion as to what to do, we contacted Cathy for a distance healing plan – within hours of starting, he showed considerable improvement, began to regain his energy and movement, and by the afternoon, he had retracted and was making good progress. We all breathed a sigh of relief. I have no idea where we would be now without Heal With Ease, but I do know many of the creatures at our place owe their lives, and health to the wonderful work that Cathy and Eric continue to do.
Thank you, Megan

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