Help for Dogs with Separation Anxiety

We breed short-haired border collies, as many of you know – working dogs. However, it is our experience with cattle that led us to use a rehoming/grief remedy on our puppies when they are separated from their mother and littermates.

Not dealing with this grief can lead to a life long problem of separation anxiety and anxiety generally.

On the farm when we wean the calves from the cows it’s done on mass. Then they are separated by a few fences as they will do anything to get back to each other and for days to a week afterwards, both cow and calf will bellow to each other. It’s a heartbreaking process to observe. It has to be done of course for the cows health, she can’t go on feeding her calf indefinitely as it draws all the goodness out of her and she needs to rebuild herself in preparation for her next calf.

This grief happens everywhere with people and animals. The mother/child bond is very strong. In an attempt to make this an easier process we formulated our rehoming remedy. It is given for a few days after the weaning has taken place and allows both mum and baby to move on. Although ideally given at weaning it can be given later in life to release the grief that is stored inside.

Grief affects the body in so many ways – emotionally, mentally and physically and clearing it is a process we all need to do from time to time.

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