Healing Sasha from an Unknown Illness

My bull Arab pup named Sasha became very sick at 5 months of age and the vets could not work out what was wrong. After taking x-rays and weeks and weeks on medication Sasha was not getting any better. She actually lost mobility in her back legs and couldn’t move around. Everything was a really big effort, even to get up off the ground. She would walk around with her head strung down and lame. The vets still had her on medication and were not able to do a diagnosis. She wasn’t getting any better, as when she was off the medication she would lose mobility again in her back legs.

So then I called on Heal with Ease. Cathy and Eric put her on 5 healing plans over 6-7 months. Sasha started to get better. After 5 long months of the natural remedies, Sasha is now on the road to recovery. She is now bouncing around like a normal young dog and playing with the other dogs and keeps up with me on a daily jog with no sweat.

The state she was in previously was scary and it’s been a long natural road to recovery. She is now fit healthy and always smiling. I don’t know where she would be today without these remedies.

We are very happy with the outcome and very happy to have Sasha well.
Regards, Monique.

Some information about the healing plans:

We started treatment for Sash mid-June 2014. At this time she was running at just 45% of her potential with 5 plans indicated to bring her back to good health.

As with every client we treat, it was not just one thing that had Sasha so unwell, it was an accumulated load. She was where she was because of all the things that had 1) been bought with her when she was born, her inherited load and 2) the load she had accumulated in her 6 months since birth.

Her first plan had bacterias, chemical exposure and vaccine adjuvants as her load to clear and internal imbalances of blockage of her mesenteric artery – which provides blood to the gut and abdomen, imbalance of parathyroid hormone – the parathyroid gland manages calcium, magnesium and phosphorus levels in the blood and bones and chronic inflammation of the lymph glands in her abdomen. There was one flower essence and one homeopathic remedy indicated to support the healing in Sasha’s body.

At the end of the first plan on 28th July, Monique sent the following email:

Hi Cathy, just letting you know that Sasha has now finished your remedies and has been off antibiotics since we last spoke on the 1st of this month. She is bouncing around and jumping and being back to a puppy again. I’m so happy. Thank you.

We have run 3 plans on Sasha at the time the testimonial above was written and she is fighting fit and well.

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