Healing for a Beautiful Dog having Seizures

Sarah has been working with us for years so it was with a great deal of confidence that she contacted us to help her with Zoe when she started having seizures.

Below is Sarah’s testimonial.

Zoe started having seizures one day and we didn’t know what was wrong with her. The first time it happened I thought she had been bitten by a snake and rushed her to the vet. After the second one, I contacted Cathy.

I remember that email very well, it opened with ‘Sarah Zoe is very unwell” they needed to start an emergency plan asap. Zoe had a tumor and that was what was causing the seizures.

We have a different dog now, we both agreed that we didn’t realize how unwell she was. Her coat is so thick and healthy, she has put on weight and looks so strong and content. Her behavior is so different as well, we just thought that was her, she didn’t listen, she was a bit on edge all the time, now she is so calm. We can’t thank the team at ‘Heal with Ease’ enough, I don’t want to think about where we’d be if we hadn’t sent that photo of Zoe to Cathy. Much love to you all Xx

Sarah sent this additional part of the testimonial to share with you.

When Zoe came to us as a pup she was a normal happy pup who loved to run and fetch the ball. After a few months we noticed her limping, we stopped playing ball with her for a few days and it settled down, we thought she had landed on it funny but it returned and kept getting worse.

After a vet visit, we learnt it was arthritis. Apparently, she hurt herself as a puppy her breeder said and this was the result.

We kept an eye on her and gave her Pernaease powder prescribed by the vet every day. It seemed to be working as long as she took the powder and didn’t run too much or jump at all.

When Zoe started having seizures we stopped giving her the powder just by accident, but after the plans were finished and we noticed how amazing she looked we also realised she wasn’t limping even after chasing the ball for hours on end!

The plans had released her arthritis completely, she still has the thickness in her joint but absolutely no pain.

One very happy dog who runs and jumps and chases that ball every day.

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