Healing and Support for an Ageing Dog

A lovely testimonial from Ana Maria about the healing work we did for her old girl Yeye.

I came to Cathy and Heal with Ease through a friends referral. She had entrusted Cathy with the treatment of her dog, much younger than mine, but had wonderful results.

I must say that being over 13,000km apart, all I wanted was to remain hopeful about the treatment and outcome for my 15-year-old schnauzer Yeye.

Before Cathy started to treat Yeye, she was in a huge amount of pain as she had recently suffered a fall. She was running only at 60% of her potential. Soon after the treatment plans started, Yeye slowly but surely started to improve from 60% to 68% to 80% and to finally an outstanding 91% of her true potential. Hey, not bad for a 15 1/2-year-old baby! (I frankly don’t know how I will look at 105).

My baby is no longer in pain, devours her food, runs through the hallways of my apartment building and has returned to being her feisty self again. Trust me when I tell you, that no one thinks Yeye will turn 16 this next April 4th.

Cathy and her team guided me through every step of the healing process, giving me updates related to the treatment that was being done, while on my side could see the improvement and knew why it was happening. They dedicated to her wellbeing and for that, I will always be grateful.

The peace of mind and heart that these treatments have given me have allowed me to keep up with my busy travelling schedule these past weeks, and have my almost daily skype sessions with Yeye and her sister Diana. I wouldn’t have left her side if I wasn’t 110% sure she is feeling great.

I don’t know what kind of relationship you have with your loved pet, but I can tell you, that Yeye and I have been together since the day she was born, and we will be until the day comes for her to cross and wait for me. She is family, I provide for her and my pledge to her is to have the best life she could ever have. As such, I would not trust her wellbeing and care to anyone else who is not as compassionate and professional as Cathy and her team are.

Trust me when I say that it can be felt 13,000km away, all the way to Los Angeles, and Yeye is living proof of it.
See for yourself.

Sincerely, Ana Maria M.

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