Healing a Nasal Tumour for Malibu

Holly contacted us at the end of June 2012. Her beautiful dog Malibu had been diagnosed with an inoperable nasal tumour. As Malibu was getting on in years the vet had advised putting her to sleep.

 Holly and Malibu

We started Malibu’s plan the next day and her tumour started draining through her nostrils with some discharged coming through a release hole near her eye. The photos aren’t pretty but the healing was profound. The healing gave Holly another 18 months of quality time with Malibu.

Below is Holly’s Testimonial for the work we did with Malibu:

 Malibu before we started her first plan.

My sweet old girl had been “un-officially” diagnosed with cancer and at the age she was, I was told there was no hope and that her time had come. At a complete loss, feeling sad and frustrated I refused to accept there was nothing more I could do for Malibu.

I had little knowledge of natural healing for dogs and was unsure of what to expect and whether to get my hopes up. Discovering Heal with Ease and after the initial phone call to Cathy, there was HOPE! Her calm voice and understanding words reassured me that Malibu was going to be OK.

 Malibu during the early stages of her healing with the tumour breaking up and releasing.

Within days, we started the first treatment plan and within a week, obvious signs of her illness improved dramatically. The miracles had begun. Not only was Malibu surviving…..but she was healing!

It’s hard to describe the complete process and experience but with Cathy’s ongoing care and support the journey was truly miraculous. Even as an old girl, Malibu was happier, healthier and had regained her spark.

 Malibu after her healing plans

What an absolute joy to have a few extra years with my best friend– all thanks to Eric, Cathy and Heal with Ease.

Forever thankful.
Holly Krause, Ipswich, Qld.

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