Grief Treatment for Young Pup after Rehoming

One of our regular clients Zoee emailed us about her new puppy Viv.
She wrote to us on 23/3/18 with:

“I was just wanting a little advice.  I acquired a puppy on Tuesday. I’ll give you a bit of background on her. She is a wolfhound x deerhound and is the runt of the litter apparently. And was the only girl. She’s only just 8 weeks old and when I went to pick her up I could feel all her little bones sticking out, she had scabs and scars and she was very scared and timid. The owners bred her and had all of her brothers there, who were all a lot bigger and healthy and running and jumping around. So I believe she’s not had a great start to life. So I was wondering what from my kit I could use to help her a bit. Emotionally and physically.”

Eric suggested that the pup would be going through a grief stage after separating from her mum and siblings and that a grief remedy would be a good place to start.

Later that day she emailed back:

“Hi Eric,

 Thanks heaps! I started the remedies you said and within 10 minutes of her having the grief remedy, she started galloping about, wagging her tail and playing with my children. Definitely a changed puppy. She was very timid and lethargic almost before that. Would just sleep and sleep. Now I’m going to have to put away all the toys and shoes so she doesn’t chew everything to pieces! Hahaha! Thank you very much. Have a good night. Cheers Zoee”  

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