Clearing a Yeast Infection to Make a Happier Dog

I contacted Cathy for help with my adored doggo Bindi who is 1 year old.

Bindi had a chronic yeast infection in her ears which we had tried to clear with medicine from the local vet. The medicine had partially cleared the infection but it didn’t completely go away and I knew if I continued down that line then it would have been an ongoing problem, forever and ever.

Cathy had previously helped with my son’s health and she was the first person I thought of when I knew I needed a permanent fix. Immediately upon contacting Cathy she put my mind at ease.

We had 6 healing plans indicated for Bindi and throughout I had excellent communication with Cathy. I was always so keen to get the report and see what was coming up for Bindi.

It didn’t take long before Bindi’s ears cleared but we also noticed positive changes in her personality. I’m sure the yeast infection was itchy and awful for her and as it cleared she was a happier doggo and she became more confident within herself.

I have no doubt that the healing plans were doing their job. Even our neighbours commented on the change in Bindi. She has healed well and the yeast infection is no more.

Thanks to Cathy and the Heal with Ease Team.

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