Aiding Penny’s Recovery Without Risky Prescriptions

This testimonial is form from Kate Preiss, SA for her dog Penny

I contacted Heal with Ease when my 2-year-old pug Penny was in a bad way, and pharmaceutical prescriptions (which came with some scary side-effects and risks) just weren’t working. Penny was extremely sensitive to and over stimulated by anything and everything, including wind, noise, movement, people, other animals, food, and the list goes on. She wasn’t able to focus for any length of time, and she developed extreme reactions where her skin, which was always very itchy, swelled up and developed fluid filled blisters which would pop risking infection. Her digestive system wasn’t working effectively, and she often had diarrhoea. She was getting progressively worse on vet prescribed pharma meds rather than better.

Cathy from Heal with Ease worked remotely with Penny to deliver a series of Healing Plans. Penny showed improvement during the first plan as she became more settled, allowing her character to shine through for the first time in the whole time I’d had her. She became more aware of her surroundings, and was generally a happier dog. 

By the second plan, Penny’s terrible itches were reducing and the thickened, dark, leathery skin on her stomach was starting to look more pink and normal. The change in Penny was so dramatic that friends and family were really noticing and commenting on it.

By the third plan, Penny’s digestive system started working more effectively and her diarrhoea went away. Her skin continued to clear up, and the itches reduce.

By her fourth plan, Penny was a completely different dog. She is much more tolerant, settled, happy and healthy. Her itches have reduced to an almost insignificant level.

I’m immensely grateful to Cathy and to Heal with Ease for helping Penny to become healthy, and to overcome the long list of issues she had. I can see now that using pharma medications to help Penny to overcome her health issues was never going to work, as they could only temporarily Band-Aid the symptoms and not treat the cause.

Cathy clearly has a gift. I’m so blessed to have found her. I recommend Heal with Ease to anyone wishing to really support their animals to be in the best health they can. 

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