Returning Oreo and Mica to their Cuddly Selves

This is a new testimonial from Wendy G in New Zealand. Above is Oreo (on the left) and Mica (on the right).

We were guided towards Cathy and her family several years ago buy some work colleagues. It started with my daughter needing help, then myself and various pets.

Our latest family members in need of help were our two guinea pigs, Oreo and Mica. It started with Oreo who was snuffly and not breathing very well. I started with some remedies from our Heal With Ease kit then went to the vets. They gave her antibiotics which seemed to help but then she went downhill again. Then Mica was showing the same symptoms. I contacted Cathy who said they were running at 53%.  The poor piggies had a lot going on in their little bodies. They improved well over a short time, during their first plan. They were now running at 66%, a great improvement. A second plan was run and they both seem much brighter and chatty. They are now more relaxed when having cuddle time. Cathy suggested changing out their bedding and hay, which I have done. They are always toasty warm when we take them out of their new paper bedding.


I suggested changing the bedding because I thought there were chemicals and mould in the hay they were using.

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