Helping Smudge’s Behavioural and Teeth Issues

I was recommended to Cathy at Heal With Ease through a mutual friend who had suggested I check the health of my cat Smudge. I have received energy work and healing on myself but never directed it to my pets.

Upon the first phone contact with Cathy, we instantly had a connection. I knew that what Heal with Ease was offering was pure, and wanting to help get the optimal health for Smudge.

Smudge has always been aloof, a bit cranky and had teeth issues to the point she was constantly chewing furniture, and eventually had one tooth removed by a vet. Cathy identified other issues and set up a healing plan for Smudge.

Over the course of the healing plans, Smudge has become a lot more affectionate, more connected, less cranky and no longer chews the furniture. I have definitely seen an improvement in her health (although she still loves to eat too much!) and a greater relationship between Smudge and me.

Thank you, to Cathy and her family for providing a wonderful service.

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