Tyson’s Healing

On 9th April we started working with Tyson. One of our clients had been working on Tyson with Bowen Therapy and asked if we thought healing plans would help. So many people were throwing their support into getting Tyson back up and walking and we did too. Donna Bolton who is Tyson’s Aunt had created a Gofundme page. Below is what she had written:

“Tyson is just like all our dogs loving to play with the ball, Friday he was playing with the kids. When the family woke up, Tyson didn’t greet them, but just laid on his bed, for some reason still unknown, but he was unable to move, Tyson’s family had X-rays and bloods done but not really show anything significant to why this fun-loving dog is now disabled, please help his family to find answers. Please help us help Tyson to recover to a fun-loving boxer again.”

The healing we provided was quick with healing plans that usually take 9-18 days being run in 2-3 days. The results also were very quick. The first plan had Tyson relaxing and accepting that he couldn’t move properly rather than being depressed (an emotional lift), then he started to drag himself around the yard. It caused some abrasions but he was feeling well enough to move. Then his legs came back under him and he had a wobbly unsteady gait and could only move around for short periods but he was up on his feet.

By the 8th of May, just one month and the day we started Tyson’s 5th healing plan he was running, chasing the ball and acting like nothing had happened.

So what had happened to Tyson that he became paralysed?

If you are looking to us to give you a label, that’s not going to happen. We aren’t believers in labels when it comes to health. Every person, every animal is where they are health-wise due to the load they have in their body. This is the inherited load plus the accumulated load that leads to the symptoms and health issues that are currently being suffered.

Our work is about clearing the load – emotional, physical, mental and inherited so that body has space and energy to heal. This healing was done very quickly. Much faster than I’d recommend, especially for a person who still has to function, work, make lunches, take care of their children, etc. But for Tyson he could just rest, sleep and heal until he was feeling well enough to get up and go.

It was amazing to be part of the wonderful Healers that helped Tyson to get back on track. We are blessed with the healing knowledge and skills to do our part to make this happen for Tyson. Thank you for asking us to be a part of this miraculous healing Donna and Mel.

Here is a testimonial written by Tyson’s mum the day we started the last healing plan for him.

“Eric and Cathy, are amazing angels. Before our beautiful well-loved boxer dog, started a plan with Heal with Ease, we were at a loss of how to get our boy back to his feet.

Tyson was a lively boxer but around the 16th March, Tyson was found lying motionless on the concrete unable to get up, he was incontinent and required round the clock care. Several trips to the vets, tests and lots of medication later no change, we were just wanting answers.

All this changed, once Cathy started Tyson’s first plan.

During Tyson’s first plan, we began to see improvements I couldn’t hold back the emotions, the changes were subtle but as you could imagine it gave us hope. 5 plans later Tyson is a very happy, cheeky boxer who is living life to the fullest, especially when it comes to playing ball. I couldn’t imagine life without Tyson.

Thank you to Cathy and Eric we get to spend many more precious years with Tyson, our family couldn’t be more grateful.”

Thank you, Sharon and Tyson.

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