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Heal with Ease Remedies provides you with the tools to treat ailments immediately with a proven record of fast and effective healing, without the stress of vets and large expenses to treat the minor ailment.

Our remedies are 100% guaranteed to be all-natural, chemical-free and environmentally friendly. Visit our shop now!

Beginners Kit – The best First Aid Kit to have on hand. This great little kit has saved our clients time, money and stress, allowing them to deal with day to day issues quickly and easily. Shop Now

Extension Kit – has been designed to further your healing abilities after you become comfortable with the Beginners Kit. Shop Now

Breeders Kit – This is the Kit that will make a huge difference to the health of your breeding animals. It comes with 22 years of research and experience into breeding animals. Shop Now

This kit together with the Beginners Kit and the Extension Kit will give you the ability to help your animals in almost all situations.

Abscess –  Releases foreign objects from under the skin – abscesses, splinters, grass seeds, etc. Shop Now

Accident – Use this amazing remedy for all accidents and injuries where shock or muscle and tendon damage have occurred. You can also use this remedy to advantage in situations of bruising, post-surgery recovery and relieving the pain and symptoms of arthritis. Shop Now

Anxiety and Self Confidence – This beautiful remedy helps reduce anxiety, mainly about upcoming events or being in crowds while keeping the mind clear and alert. The other component of this remedy helps with self-confidence. Shop Now

Arthritis – Arthritis is a disease that causes pain and loss of movement of the joints.

Using our specially formulated remedy the blockage can be released. It doesn’t matter if the problem is current or an old issue. Over time many of these injuries may be completely healed which could help with permanent relief. The degree to which the body will heal will depend on the age of the injury, and the degree of damage. Shop Now

Birthing – This remedy will help with the severe pain, highly emotional state, exhaustion, vertigo, headaches, nausea, muscle pain, restless sleep and other symptoms that coincide with giving birth and post-birth rehabilitation. Use this remedy as soon as possible after birth and then, in a couple of days to help with bringing on milk. Shop Now

Bites – Use to dissipate the poison resulting from bites from other animals – ticks, spiders, mites, mosquitoes, etc. This remedy will also be of great assistance in the treatment of eye injuries, conjunctivitis and if used in conjunction with remedy 2 Infection it can be of assistance in treating Tetanus. Shop Now

Bleeding – Bleeding remedy helps to stop internal and external bleeding. Assist in reducing inflammation of the liver, spinal cord and mucous membranes. Helps prevent bone degeneration and itching of scalp, dandruff and hair loss. Can help with vertigo, good memory function, restless, hypo-sensitive to stimuli and hepatitis. Shop Now

Bonding – This remedy will help mother and baby bond whether it be from a difficult birth or something else, this is a great remedy to mother and baby connect. Shop Now

Bone Knit – We suggest you use this remedy in conjunction with the Accident remedy. It will help deal with the shock, muscle and tendon damage first.

Always see someone to get the bone/s set into the correct position before taking this remedy. We’ve had many motor cross riders use this remedy and their x-ray’s show weeks taken off recovery time because of this remedy. It starts knitting immediately and for this reason, you don’t want the bone to be out of alignment when you take it. Shop Now

Cat and Dog Allwormer – This remedy is a special blend that we have put together to help with controlling worms in your pets.

It can help to break the cycle of chemical treatments and prevent worms from becoming resistant to the active ingredients in conventional chemical wormers.

Many animals do not show any outward signs, so it’s important to have a worm control program in place. Symptoms of worms include abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, gas/bloating, fatigue and unexplained weight loss. Shop Now

Combination 12 Tissue Salts (Cell Salts) – Tissue (cell) salts are energy or vibrational preparations of the mineral salts found within all living things. Diseases and abnormal states in the cell, and therefore the body, arise because of deficiencies of these 12 mineral salts. This energy remedy helps rebalance the mineral salts in the body, improving the immune system and general function of the body. There are no toxins and is suitable for pregnant and lactating mothers and babies. Shop Now

Fever – Suffering from fever will usually present as hot, sweaty and may also look frightened. This remedy can also be helpful when your pet is anxious, angry with or without cause, delirious, have a pounding pulse and are in pain. This is our lead remedy in recovery from heatstroke and dehydration.

This remedy is characterised by febrile and inflammatory states where there is heat, redness, fullness and pain. The pulse is usually full and bounding. There are delirious, sensitive to real or imaginary odours, enlarged tonsils, distension of the abdomen, piles, haemorrhoids, urinary tract infections, and convulsive symptoms in its picture. Use it with confidence in all febrile or inflammatory states where these symptoms are uppermost. Minor symptoms are a thirst, dry mouth, and dilated pupil. Symptoms are usually worse for affected parts being touched, and the animals react badly to noise. Signs and symptoms usually centre on the head. Shop Now

Flea Tonic – Our Flea Tonic has been 5 years in the making. Our clients have been requesting a natural option for flea control for a long time.

This remedy was given, alongside an initial detox, daily for two months. We think once flea control has occurred you could drop back to once a week, increasing the dose again during flea season or when exposure to other dogs with fleas occurs. Shop Now

Grief – Grief and emotional traumas are things everyone and everything experienced in life differently. It can affect our pets mentally, emotionally or physically; and sometimes without our knowledge. Shop Now

Gumbi Gumbi – Gumbi Gumbi energy remedy helps and assists with skin issues such as psoriasis and eczema. Shop Now

Himalayan Sea Salts – This remedy is the vibration of the beautiful Himalayan sea salt crystal. It can help with an irregular heartbeat, blood pressure, balancing acid and sugar levels, enhanced absorption of nutrients, clears mucous build-up, regulates sleep, dry coughs, gout, arthritis, emotional upset, kidney function, saliva production and muscle cramping. Shop Now

Vibrational Nosodes for Dogs – It is used to release the illness from the body and we recommend you use it: regularly (fortnightly is good to keep any traces of the bacteria/virus out of the body) and  when there is known exposure or an outbreak. We currently make Vibrational Nosodes for kennel cough, parvovirus, distemper, heartworms, leptospirosis, canine hepatitis and a blend of 3 remedies for kennel cough, parvovirus and distemper. Shop Now

Hot Spots – A hot spot is a localized area of skin inflammation and infection. The infection can be superficial or deep. They are often self-inflicted by biting, licking, scratching the skin. Redness, oozing, pain, and itchiness are hallmark signs. Hair loss is commonly present.

Our experience has shown that mites come to live in the damaged skin stopping it from healing. This remedy will lift the mites out and help with irritation while the area heals. Shop Now

Immune System Tonic – Use daily for the first week or so and then weekly, Heal with Ease Tonic will rebalance the body and improve general health, while rebuilding the immune system.

Heal with Ease Tonic can create true health from the inside out, naturally. Giving your pet naturally good health with our Heal with Ease Tonic. Shop Now

Infection – Use this remedy for injuries that have become infected. The infection is fought from the inside and dispelled outward, creating true healing, not suppression or a band-aiding of the infection.

This remedy will also be of great assistance for nerve damage and in combination with No. 5 Bites & No. 9 Stings is very effective in treating Tetanus. Shop Now

Itch and Respiratory Distress – Use on breathing problems arising from illness. All skin conditions, mange, eczema, red & itchy rashes that are worse from heat. Also may be used to great effect in recovery from a serious illness. Shop Now

Overindulgence – This remedy will provide great assistance in situations where there has been overindulgence in food resulting in stomach upsets, colic, bloat, nausea, etc. Shop Now

Pain Relief – Helps with muscle pain, tooth pain, any pain. It’s hard to rest and heal when the pain won’t ease up.

This remedy has Hypericum for nerve pain, Belladonna for swelling and Bryonia for tissue congestion. Shop Now

Performance Anxiety – This remedy will reduce anxiety while keeping the mind clear. Shop Now

Poison – This is a good remedy to stop vomiting and diarrhoea thereby stopping fluid loss and dehydration. Signs that your animal requires this remedy is gastric symptoms and a high thirst. This remedy is good for all forms of poisoning from chemicals, contaminated water and food, etc. Shop Now

Rehoming – This Rehoming Remedy will help with emotional stress and grief generally, making it a great remedy for supporting a rehomed animal. Shop Now

Skin Bath – Used for soothing skin irritation, heal shallow wounds and prevent infection.

This is usually used topically as a lotion to aid healing, for which it is quite startlingly effective. Use it on grazes, open wounds and indolent ulcers. It can be combined with Pain Relief when paid is a feature. Shop Now

Sports Recovery – Help take the shock out of the body, repair any muscle and tendon damage and help the body to rehydrate after fluid loss with this remarkable remedy. Shop Now

Stings – Used on stings that are swollen, inflammation within joints, also of assistance with conjunctivitis.

Swelling is the keynote of this remedy. When swellings or urine retention occur, then this remedy is indicated. Shop Now

Stomach Upset/Cough – The main purpose of the remedy is for upsets stomach, but it also works on travel sickness and coughs. Shop Now

Storm Anxiety – This remedy helps with the fear of storms. Start using it when your dog shows you he knows the storm is coming if one is predicted or even in the middle of the storm. Can also be added to the water bowl. Shop Now

Stress Relief – Stress can overwhelm and control our lives. This Calming Stress Relief remedy is great for taking back control and relieving stress. Shop Now

Sudden Illness – Use this remedy for any illness that comes on suddenly, especially after cold weather. Great for helping situations of emotional stress

This remedy is suited to cases of sudden physical or mental shock, sudden or early fever, usually with anxiety, or conditions arising from chilling. It is also of use in cases of sudden, profuse, bright haemorrhage. Symptoms are usually permutations of any of the following: red, inflamed eyes with lacrimation, fluid, watery nasal discharge, tense, rapid pulse, urine retention and thirst. Shop Now

Tartar Release – We all love to see our dogs with clean white teeth and we are quick to notice when there breath and teeth start to go off in colour and smell.

With regular use, you will be able to keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy for a long time into the future. Saving on the costly and dangerous vet treatments for your beloved pet. Shop Now

Travel Sickness – The main purpose of this remedy is for reducing the effects of travel sickness. This remedy has proven helpful for people and animals struggling with the effects of traveling. Clients have successfully used it to help with car, boat and air travel.

Take a dose of the remedy before travel commences and then throughout as needed. Shop Now

Weaning – for best results are achieved by separating both mum and baby/ies for a period to allow them to feel this emotional stress/grief state. Give one dose at this point to both mother and baby and then again the following day if you feel it’s necessary. Shop Now