Help for Monty in His Hour of Need

This is a situation where having remedies on hand saved Julie precious time and money when her dog attained a mysterious bite.

A testimony to the power of the Heal with Ease Remedies.

Upon arriving home from work this week my son found Monty, a very unhappy dog. He was fine in the morning when we all went to work, and at 6 pm he had developed rear-end paralysis and could not walk.

When Jordan rang me, I immediately thought of a spider or snake bite.

I told Jordan to give him several doses No. 5 for bites and No. 9 for stings, which he did in the next hour or so.

When I arrived home he was still not moving and looked quite sad.

I contacted Cathy and she then said to try 6 doses of No. 4 fever for inflammation.

By 10 am the next morning, he could slowly rise and as the day has worn on he has come outside and trotted around the farm, be it still a little stiff on rising.

Thank you, Cathy. A late-night trip to the vet and goodness knows
what treatment would have been very costly. Thank you Heal with Ease

Bye, for now, Julie McDonald, Vic.

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