Treating OCD in a dog

Atlas was diagnosed with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and heavy suppressive medication was prescribed. His owner Liz is a client of ours but didn’t immediately consider us for treating Atlas. Another client and friend of Liz’s suggested we were worth trying in this complicated issue with Atlas.

Here is Liz’s email after running Atlas’s first healing plan:

Atlas & I went for a walk today. Walking since he was 6 months old has been on a black dog training halter & he is 4yrs on 6th November 2011.
A normal walk consisted of Atlas grabbing at the lead to take in his mouth at every street crossing or cars passing us, head on a constant swivel, sideways, backwards etc. grabbing grass mouthfuls as we walked, then coming home to stop him running is obsessive-compulsive circles, jumping at a non-existent spot on the ground & then running more circles, so I used to crate him for 1/2hr to calm him before he was allowed back in the yard.

Today was AMAZING.

Halter on him, but the lead of 20cm from handle to tip of the clip was on his FLAT COLLAR. After about 20 mins into a 45min walk, I took the halter off his head. Atlas only grabbed the lead ONCE at the beginning of the walk & made eye contact & let go of the lead, I did not even have time to signal him to let go, he did it on his own.

I have to say he was watchful, but not head on a FAST SWIVEL as was ‘normal’ before, there was NO fast swivel, yes he looked from side to side & every so often checked behind us.

At one stage I dropped the lead to put a poo bag in a bin & before that would have been enough for him to TAKE OFF running circles on me, but this time we KEPT eye contact & he just stood next to me & never moved —- YIPPPPPPEEEEEEE.

We walked in the rain mizzle, no rain & it was just BEAUTIFUL.
He also used to grab mouthfuls of grass as we walked, this only happened twice & then only ONE blade of grass. I noticed he moved closer to me when cars came past us & was so CALM — cars have always been a ‘stressor’ for Atlas.

Treats on the walk, I still have FINGERS, he was GENTLE — that is a FIRST, I have always had a crocodile teeth cattle dog, but NOT TODAY —- MORE YIPPPPPEEEEEEES.

We came home & today I did the ‘unthinkable’, we went straight out into the yard, I unclipped the lead, & offered a treat, which was taken, he had a drink & picked up a toy to play, ate more treats, —— there was NO stress RUNNING, no CIRCLING, I had a CALM dog — again I have NEVER SEEN THIS BEFORE.

WOW, I am amazed & pleased & so so super happy. I have a different, calmer, more snuggly, cuddly, loving dog — thank you so very very much.

Joe & Liz Grewal
Shep — deaf Koolie
Angel — deaf Koolie
Atlas — deaf blue heeler
Pepsi AD, JDX — hearing Hairless Chinese Crested

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