Protection Card for Speckles

Although I use remedies daily for my animals and myself, plus regular healing plans. Recently I was thinking I was missing something with my little Jack Russell, Speckles. He seems to be aging rapidly, not happy, some day’s not wanting to go out walking in the paddock with the other dogs’, really not himself.

About a week ago I was just grasping at straws thinking very sadly I don’t think I will have my dear little fellow much longer. Then I looked up and saw the NBN tower up on the hill less than 1km away and just thought I wonder.

So straight away I put my EMF card (Personal Protection Card) which I always have in my pocket, under his mattress in his kennel. Even after the first night, I could see a difference in him, by the second day he was happy to come walking and even ran to me when I called him.

He has improved so much, another miracle among many performed by my angels at Heal With Ease. Nothing else has changed in his routine, just added the EMF card and my little dude is much more himself. Thank you so much Cathy and Eric for these awesome cards.

As I sit here writing this I have had to resort to an ice pack on my very swollen hand, it was so painful I was in tears and needed a distraction. I think I will strap a card to it, you never know.

Hugs to you all
Maree R.

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