Giving Wicket the Best Life we can

Our Lhasa x Shitzu was diagnosed with terminal cancer showing up as tumours that had gone through his lymph system in March. It wasn’t a good prognosis. Without ‘treatment’ he would have around 7 months to live. With treatment that sounded worse than the illness, he may have 12 – 14 months to live – but most of that he would be recovering from the surgery and chemotherapy.

We watched our happy little man run down our acreage and swim across the dam, a big smile on his face with not a care in the world. That night we decided that we were unable to make him sick to get a few extra months out of him and that we would just give him the best, most comfortable life we could for the time he had left.

I also booked a healing plan with Cathy.

Well, we are 8 months down the track. Yes, his tumours have grown, but they do not bother him. He has the same energy, and the same personality, but still runs down the hill like an idiot every night and swims in the dam. He walks most mornings with me. Unless you knew he had tumours, you wouldn’t guess.

Cathy has completed at least 2 healing plans and supports us with other healings as required. We could not be happier with the results that we’ve seen. Wicket may not live another 4 + years (he is 9), but he is currently living his best life. As far as anybody would know, he is the same healthy, happy little monster.

Thank you Cathy for all the support and love you send our way. We are forever grateful.

Elizabeth and Andy – Wickets mummy and daddy.

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