Clearing Tartar from your Dogs Teeth Naturally

We all love to see our dogs with clean white teeth. We are also quick to notice their breath and teeth when they go off-colour and smell. 

So what can we do? We have a couple of options that are well worth considering before you end up at the vet putting your dog under anaesthetic to have their teeth cleaned. Every time you do this you run a risk of other complications. The more we can minimise risk the better is for both you and your dog. 

Everyone talks about diet being part of the cause and recommend feeding raw foods; this includes bones and other things that encourage chewing. What I have always used when available is semi-frozen lumps of meat. Different to a bone it will allow the teeth to push in and clean right up to the gums. 

Tartar Release Remedy

In recent years we have been using our Tartar Release remedy. This remedy releases the tartar from the teeth and back up into the gums. It also contains a remedy to reduce tooth decay. This is a fantastic little remedy that is a great help. It has been the easiest and most effective way we have found to clear/clean our dogs teeth of tartar and improve overall oral health. 

It is as simple as a drop in their mouth or on the tip of their nose once a day and over the next couple of weeks, you will notice a big change. We always recommend a little longer treatment when first starting as this remedy clears right up under into the gums. 

With regular use, you will be able to keep your dogs teeth clean and healthy for a long time into the future. Saving on the costly and dangerous vet treatments for your beloved pet. 

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Further to this article, I wanted to mention that we’ve been working with some young children in America who have had some tooth decay. Each tooth is on a meridian in the body and often a specific tooth issue is more about something else that is disturbed on that meridian. To help these children we looked at the teeth that had decay and worked on healing the disturbances on the related meridian. Both children have had their tooth pain disappear as part of this process. It will be interesting to see how deep the healing goes and the future health of the affected teeth.

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