Annie Makes a Full Recovery

Annie is a 12yr old border collie cross kelpie I have had her since she was a puppy. She was born with a portosystemic shunt and had major surgery aged 4 months old.

In 2014 Annie was passing blood in her urine, required an x-ray of her bladder and was diagnosed with cystitis. 2 courses of antibiotics and still blood in her urine Cathy treated her and she made a full recovery.

December 2021 Annie became acutely unwell and was diagnosed with septicaemia (cause unknown) she was prescribed a course of antibiotics, and the Vet was very concerned about her and wanted me to bring her back in 2 days if there was no improvement.

The following day Annie looked worse and I thought there was a high chance she was going to die so I called Cathy who treated her that very day. Annie hasn’t looked back and if anything has a new lease of life.

Sally K.

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