Settling Dogs into a New Home

Leaps and Bounds for Buddy

A change in circumstances within my family saw our 10-year-old Kelpie shuffled around to several houses. When I decided to take on Buddy he was a little worse for wear. He had lost weight from all the changes and was feeling lost and depressed. I welcomed Buddy to my home and asked Eric and Cathy to begin a distance healing plan on him. Within the first few days, his energy had lifted and was settling in well with our other dogs. Within a week Buddy’s enthusiasm for life, he had grown and he began bouncing around the yard playing with his new friends. Although Buddy was coping well with the transition I decided to continue with the recommended plans to bring him up to his best potential. A few plans later and his coat has got a shine and he’s back to a healthy weight. I’m so thankful for Heal with Ease helping to get Buddy back to his happy and healthy self. Thanks, Jo xx

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