Natural Healing for a Cat with Liver Disease

Our cat was seriously ill. He must have been exposed to a toxic substance, he started vomiting more and more, had diarrhoea, lost all his appetite (and this cat loves food!), and appeared lethargic. I took him to the vet, they took blood and diagnosed liver disease, even a possibility of liver cancer. The only treatment that was suggested was a long course of antibiotics in case of liver infection or a biopsy to check for liver cancer.

Since his kidneys worked fine the vet and I decided to wait another day or two before starting with any treatment. However, I didn’t feel comfortable with giving him a long course of antibiotics, let alone a biopsy. So, I contacted Cathy Tighe, which I have done before, and Jo replied that same day, started with an emergency healing plan and about 2 days later the cat stopped vomiting, he had a tiny amount of food each day and the diarrhoea got less and less… I never ever thought that this would be possible… I still remember the vet’s look, she didn’t have much hope… Well, our little old boy, he is now 14.5 years, had a little setback down the track, but I contacted Jo and she gave him a Poison Remedy which helped instantly with the vomiting and since then our cat has been well. Sometimes I think it is too good to be true 😉 My sincere thanks go to Cathy and Jo.
Sonja Lemming, Cairns, September 2018.

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