Help for a Little Dog with an Enlarged Heart

This testimonial is from our friend and client Shelley in Victoria.

Early December 2011, the vet diagnosed my beloved 12-year-old Maltese X, Toto with an enlarged heart, with no prospects of getting well again. I was told I could try diuretics, (a medication to release fluids) that might keep him going a little while longer.

After I got home, I straight away went into survivor mode; refusing to accept that there was not any way to save one of the best friends I will know in this lifetime. I found Eric and Cathy’s Heal with Ease site in the first 15 minutes, read about who they were – hippies at heart, folk who just wanted to help others and their animals.

I was familiar with some of the natural remedies such as Bach Flower Essences but was unfamiliar with the energy healing form they use.

I called and spoke with Cathy who was, and has been very kind, helpful and one of the best listeners I’ve known. She told me to send a picture of Toto, she understood what the vet had told me, and seemed very positive that they could help him!

Within the week I had received and started Toto on his first healing plan. Within 10 days his coughing had stopped!! He became more energetic, playing with his favourite squeaky toys again. Toto was on a total of 3 healing plans specially designed for him over several months. He appeared to enjoy the drops I gave him. The Heal with Ease medicine was so easy to administer and so inexpensive for what it is.

During 2012, I would find myself often looking at a happy, healthy dog, who should not be here, if I had believed that vet over a year ago now. Toto smiles at me more than ever now. We are both blessed to share more time together. I do not claim to understand how this medicine works, but I am grateful to Eric and Cathy for being here for us all in need.

I am in the middle of completing my own 5 healing plans and am seeing definite improvements. I live with the side effects of cancer/radiation treatments amongst other things.

Cathy, I have to say just a few more things about you, that you are incredibly humble, down to earth, yet very much the professional.

Thank you both again. It’s so comforting to know you are here!

Kindest regards, Shelley and Toto, Victoria, Australia.

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