Healing Libbi’s Skin Condition

Ellen sent us this testimonial about how we helped her blue Kelpie Libbi with some difficult skin issues and her fertility.

I stumbled across Heal with Ease on Facebook, it sounded interesting. I was intrigued and had been interested in Homeopathy for a number of years. I was working towards a “drug-free” natural diet with my dogs. I have a blue and tan working kelpie, Libbi, she has just turned 5. She had what is commonly called ‘puppy mange’ on her ears and muzzle. I knew that being blue could be a lot of problems with her skin, as this is the seemingly inherent problem with this colour, but I had to have a ‘blue’ dog.

Libbi had always had a very short thin coat even in winter, this year she seemed worse than ever and I brought her in the house to try and help with the cold. She also has an unusual ‘season’, with 10-12 months in between, rather than the 6 months. In July last year, I contacted Heal with Ease and booked a ‘plan’ for Libbi, not long after it arrived. This was the start of a special ‘journey’ for my animals and me which still continues.

Libbi is now just finishing her 3rd ‘plan’, she has the thickest coat ever, her summer coat is thicker than any winter coat she has had previously, the depth of colour in her coat is also amazing. Her ‘season’ came back to 8 months. Her ‘puppy’ mange is gone. She is a picture of health. She is much calmer and relaxed in her whole demeanour. I bit the bullet and brought the Starter Kit with Extension, I have used this extensively on all the animals and myself. I can’t thank Heal with Ease enough for all their support during this time and the difference that their remedies have made to my life and especially my animals.

I would highly recommend HWE to anyone who wishes to be ‘truly’ healed. Your life will never look back.

Kind Regards,
Ellen Hughes

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