Healing Harley’s Abscess Distantly

So grateful that Cathy and Heal with Ease was able to help me with Harley’s abscess. It started with a huge lump under the skin below her ear and when that didn’t disappear after a few days – I knew it was time to seek help. Harley hasn’t been to the vets for ages, won’t let you pick her up and the thought of having to shove her in a cat cage to get her to the vets really wasn’t something I wanted to have to go through the experience of (for her or my sake!).

I reached out to Cathy to seek help and Harley was able to be treated for the abscess. It went through a process of releasing and healing. It was quite incredible to witness the magic of it happening. All while Harley could stay relaxed in her own environment! Harley needed a lot of rest while being treated and she gave herself that. Now it is virtually all healed up beside a little scab which will fall off when it’s ready I’m sure.

Thank you Cathy for bringing this amazing opportunity to us, to be able to heal our animals and ourselves naturally. To say it has been a blessing is an understatement. The potential with Heal with Ease, as well as the remedies – is incredible and something I am so grateful for. Our cats are too!

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