Healing for Jasmine

In January 2018 my border collie Jasmine had a very high temperature (40 odd degrees) that ran for nearly 3 weeks. The vets had her on 2 different antibiotics and meloxicam for inflammation but nothing seemed to bring it down.

Tests, scans and bloods were run which showed nothing obvious. By the 3rd week, it was down but she was still having episodes of it elevated temperature that last week. About 7 months later she had a similar episode. Again she was put onto antibiotics and meloxicam. This time she was having shivering/trembling episodes lasting a few hours with temperature spiking during the 3rd week. Vets had no explanation for what was happening apart from that she could be in pain and the temperature spikes reflected that (abdominal/headaches?).

At the end of November 2018, she had an accident and dislocated and fractured an ankle requiring surgery and a plate to fuse part of her ankle. A few days after surgery her temperature spiked again so off she went back to the specialist vets where she’d had the surgery to check that there was no infection in the surgery area. They kept her in for 2 days on fluids and monitoring. The temperature was coming down so she came home. For the next week, she had episodes of temperature spikes and some trembling at times which I managed with meloxicam and homeopathic aconite.

In January and March, she had a couple of short episodes of 2-3 days that I managed as before. Come late June she had another similar episode for 3 days. It was at this point I decided that something needed to be done and booked her first healing plan with Heal with Ease.

Her first plan started on 25 June 2019 and indicated she was running at 54% with 6 plans indicated. The 6th plan was completed on 13 December 2019. It appeared that she had a very minor “episode” in July but since this time, now 6 months, she has had no more of these strange episodes. I don’t know what was causing them but I do think they caused headaches and general aching for a few days. She is full of energy and looking great.
Thanks to Eric & Cathy for their help with Jasmine 🙂

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