Healing Bailley after Removal of a Cancerous Tumour

I came to Heal with Ease in a rather different way. I had been researching a different diet for our best buddy Bailley following a diagnosis of a fatty lipoma located on his ribs. This had come a few short months after a cancerous tumour had to be removed which surrounded his jugular. A very stressful time for us and we wanted to do the best we could for Bailley. Our aim was to find a diet that removed all processed foods and would support him in his recoveries and assist his body in fighting off future problems.

When I found Cathy we found so much more, a wealth of knowledge with such caring and compassion. I believe that Cathy not only healed Bailley but also me, she helped me understand what was happening and how I could work with Bailley’s healing. During Bailley’s healing plans he developed a lump on his leg around the joint. Cathy was there for us when I had so many questions and trying to decide what our next step would be, through tears and early morning emails. Cathy supported my decision to involve our vet for a non-invasive biopsy. Cathy assured me the lump was not cancer, something I was so very scared of. The results came back as a fatty lipoma our vet was recommending that we continue to observe the lump and consider surgery if the lump grew.

Its been three months now and we have completed another healing plan for Bailley. He is really well, he has a natural diet combining both raw and cooked food, we no longer give him worming tablets but rather use the remedies (Allwormer) we received from Cathy once a fortnight. We continue to monitor his lumps and bumps and they have changed but not grown. His coat, skin and eyes are looking wonderful and the vet cannot say enough about how healthy he looks. I have used the kit (Beginners Kit and Extension Kit) not only for Bailley during times of stress but have also used it for myself, it is a valuable resource which I go to first. It was quite funny recently when I was feeling a little unwell I asked my husband to look at the kit and find a remedy for my sore tummy (Stomach Upset), he came back with one of the remedies and followed instructions perfectly proceeding to put a drop on my nose. I have to report it did work but it may have been more comfortable under my tongue.

I cannot thank Cathy enough for what she has done for our family I think we would have been looking at a very different situation had we not found her when we did.

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