German Shepherd with Hip Dysplasia

Marlene H from Daw Park, South Australia sent us this lovely testimonial about the work we did with her beautiful German Shepherds Kaiser and Elke.

I first contacted Cathy in 2011 after visiting her website and reading about her work with homeopathy. My 8 y.o. German Shepherd had injured himself resulting in hip dysplasia.

I had taken him to a canine chiropractor who had told me that as he was an ‘old dog’, I would just have to manage his condition myself. My vet had told me that he could operate, but there were no guarantees that the hip would not dislocate again as he was such a large dog.

Cathy performed some healing plans over the next few years, which enabled my dog to have a quality life and still remain active and happy, and he was able to enjoy life into his elderly years.

Cathy has done healing plans for my other dog, which is also keeping her in peak health and able to maintain her very good quality of life. I had not been well for a few months, irritable bowel problems, depression, body pain and generally feeling unable to cope because everything seemed overwhelming.

Cathy offered to do some healing plans for me, as I had always put my dogs first. Cathy has just completed my latest healing plan, and I am feeling so much better. I am able to do the things I had thought I may not be able to do again, I am much happier and feel in control of my life again. I am more active and my confidence has returned. Cathy has been so supportive, and I can’t thank her enough for the wonderful work she does for both humans and animals, and for what she has done, and continues to do, for me and my animals. Marlene

Marlene lost her beautiful Kaiser in January 2016. It was our greatest pleasure to help them have the additional 5 years together and for Kaiser to have a quality of life throughout that time.

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