Dog Anxiety and Behavioural Problems Solved Naturally

I would like to thank you for all your help and the benefits of Heal with Ease. I imported a male Rottweiler from Serbia called Bullet and even though I had been using Heal with Ease products for quite some time and had witnessed what I call miracle recovery using their products and guidance I was still probably not a full believer especially in healing plans. So I wasted 12 months dealing with a dog suffering anxiety and a dog that would not show in the show ring as he seemed to get all nervous in the show ring, yet he had been shown prior to me purchasing with good results. I could not understand what was going on with this dog, so I spent money at training and different things but to no avail as I said 12 months went by and I was at my wits end with this dog willing to try anything.

So I turned to Heal with Ease and a healing plan for Bullet and what can I say another miracle and I’m now a true believer only ½ way through his first healing plan. Bullet is a different dog. He not only shows but wins, he is a lot more confident and although not 100% perfect yet it is an incredible change in the dog. We are now ½ way through our second plan and he just keeps getting better and better. I believe he’s back to the dog he was before I imported him. I don’t know for sure if his time coming across affected him or not but he left Serbia in their winter at -12 degrees only to arrive in Sydney in the middle of a heat wave where the first week he was here it was 46 degrees and for the month he spent in quarantine it never dropped below 35 degrees during the day.

Anyway we are firm believers in what HWE do and thank both Cathy and Eric for all the help they have given us along the way and I will never stop telling everybody about how good Heal with Ease is.

Thank You, Neville Bennett Darksupreme Rottweilers & Australian Working Kelpies.

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